Дождливые стишки

G.-evening, everyone! A very hot and stuffy day was it, wasn't it? At times I felt that I wouldn't mind to have just a little bit of rain instead of such a lot of sun. Not the mighty thunderstorm, like we had this summer, but something calm and soothing, and giving relaxation. Remember how it can be?

После летнего ливня на елочке
По слезинке на каждой иголочке.
Может, это не слезки, а капельки?
Потому что не грустно ни капельки!
Что-то листья тихо подшаманивают…
Видно, они дождики заманивают.

Заплаканные грушки
Сквозь слезки смотрят в сад.
В том, что они заплаканы,
Лишь дождик виноват.

Unfortunately, I have an English version of only the last four lines:
The wistful pears are watchin' through tears
The gardener who came.
But for there tears, except the rain,
There's nobody to blame.
On some unknown reason, children like short poems like these. Maybe because they feel themselves closer to nature than we, adults, do? It's worth learning from them, isn't it?
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