поэзия и проза жизни

Haven't heard from me for ages? I'll make a try to cure the situation, 'cause I've been missing you since my last visit very much. Unfortunately, writing poetry constitutes such a miserable part of my busy everyday life, that I feel like stepping into one and the same water again and again when coming back to show you some of my new opuses. Taking into account the least respected part of our society's body, in which the literary life of our country has recently found itself to appear, it's no wonder, that our compatriot poets watch the universe through its «marginal sphincter», as a young amateur poet wrote not so long ago. And we, poets, are so sensitive, and caring, and easily hurt :)! Here is just one small product of my hypersensitivity)))
Со мной все те,
кто мне всего дороже,
И нету в жизни
черной полосы.
И мир вокруг
ничем не потревожен,
Но он сейчас —
песочные часы.

Минуты струйкой
сыплются на темя.
И пусть таких часов
не слышен бой,
Зато я вижу,
как заносит время
Глубокий след,
оставленный тобой.
Enjoyed being with you. Hope to hear from you soon,
Your evergreen :)
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