A Holiday present

Ура! Наконец-то наступило время, когда даже самые степенные люди смогут безнаказанно делать «маленькие глупости», дарить бесполезные подарки и заходить, как ни в чем не бывало в гости к людям, без которых обходились, как минимум, в течении года. То есть в частности, мое время.

Да здравствует новый год! Каждый раз новый, сколько бы раз он ни повторялся.

Что же, значит, с меня подарок. Очень простая загадка про непростой романс. Правда, прочтете его в переводе на английский. Но, если вы не поленитесь подобрать антоним к слову «darkness», то сможете закончить текст и прочесть или спеть этот «заведомо» загадочно-славянско-душевный романс на двух языках. Ваш подарок — в ваших руках!

С новым годом!

You're my ...,
but I don't trust you
in the temple of my
impenitent soul

Locked is bound around
with metal door.
Only angel's beating
'gainst the wall.

Staircase to Heaven
is so grand, but
When I searched for God
with all my might,

You were counting
all my heavy fall outs,
Caring for your legs
so straight and white.

You're my….
But I won't trust you ever.
In hte burning candles'

We have lost the Heaven's…
Midst a lot of useless
daily trifles.

And one day, when I was
drunk and godless
And with twisted cross
my veins I cut,

You were trying not to touch
when careless
With your fance sleeve
my dirty blood.

Детская страничка

I'm sure you like watching children. I'm sure children like watching cartoons. All of us were children some time ago. So I hope we do remember a lot of cartoons, that were popular then. Here is an English version of a very famous song from a very famous cartoon that you probably remember. Try to recognize it, just for fun. Mind that it is abbreviated and a little adopted.
Everyone knows,
that the friends can't be found in the trash bin,
You can't buy them
or win in the show.
That is why
I'm rolling along in my cabin
With an old gramophone
having magical glow.
Accompanied by mooing,
By energetic barking,
By very friendly neighing,
The world gets to know, that
There is a global secret
For a very-very little company.
For any little friendly company
This simple secret is like that — If I would only have,
If I would only have,
If I would have just anyone
for a chat.
A nice song, a very easily recognizable, isn't it? Will be looking forward to your feedback. If any :)
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